Welcome to Yaxx, Inc.

Welcome to Yaxx, Inc.  I can’t believe we are well into our 3rd year of business.  We’ve had stellar growth since our launch.  A lot can be attributed to this growth – having a business model that just works, employing a talented team and it’s an exciting time to be in tech – lots of growth and great technology to market.

I’ve had the honor of launching industries like VoIP and VPN, and experienced the Dot Com era.  Man were those fun times – technology was just cool.  But after the so called “dot bomb”, technology became a little lackluster – it seemed like no one was taking chances or changing the world.  Sure the social scene like Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter was created during that time and one could argue these are amazing innovations but are we really better off?

I feel like technology has taken a turn for the better in recent years and innovators are really enriching lives.  We at Yaxx work with some of the world’s most brilliant minds and have the privilege of marketing products in HPC, Cloud, IT, Networking, Big Data, IoT, Deep Learning, and AI, just to name a few, and together we are truly changing lives.  We are automating the core; activating the edge; connecting and protecting the enterprise; deploying, provisioning, monitoring and managing Clusters; and doing it all in the cloud at higher densities than ever before.  It’s so fun to hear about the end-user and how they are deploying these technologies – it’s truly something out of a science-fiction novel, but reality.

My vision for the Yaxx Blog is to share new technologies our clients are innovating, how their customers are changing the world and how we, at Yaxx, are marketing them through traditional and not-so-traditional methods.  I hope you will enjoy our opinions and thoughts, celebrate our success and learn from our challenges and solutions.

I am a total geek and Yaxx’ clients feed my soul.  I am grateful for so many things – to our clients for allowing us to help them grow and to share in their technological advances, to my team for taking this journey with me and for their talent, and to my husband for supporting my goals and allowing me to be a workaholic.  I raise a glass to all of them and to you…cheers.