Yaxx solves the age-old question of when to hire and when to outsource. We take the guesswork out of hiring. We are with you from the beginning and grow with you using only the services you need. Hiring full-time employees is expensive, with hidden costs like benefits, taxes, and overhead. Costly mistakes can occur by hiring the wrong or junior talent. But Yaxx gives you direct access to senior marketers and a complete, professional team when and as often as you need. Building your marketing team correctly the first time avoids costly mistakes and pitfalls. Yaxx is dedicated to achieving your goals and will create and execute a well-rounded marketing plan or specialized projects.


Founder and CEO

With a professional background that spans over 25 years in Telecom, Networking and IT, Jill King is a lifelong entrepreneur and technology visionary dedicated to commercializing technologies that power today’s businesses. Having worked in the seed, startup, and growth business lifecycle throughout her entire career, Jill has played an instrumental role in launching three new industries:

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Marketing Communications Manager

Tim is a highly experienced business manager with an extensive background in technology, IoT and communications. He’s held various management positions in industries such as hospitality, technology, and healthcare. Tim’s technical experience and marketing savvy will help Yaxx deliver on their promise to create and execute customized marketing plans that deliver results.

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Marketing Manager, Public Relations

Michelle brings a wide variety of experience from the high-tech telecom industry, the legal world, and even the education field, including 10+ years of high-tech marketing experience.  After graduating with a degree in Communication and Media Studies from University of San Diego, Michelle worked for Nuera Communications, a start-up with cutting edge Voice over IP technology.

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Marketing Manager, Events

Sue Giansiracusa brings 20+ years of event management and marketing experience to Yaxx, Inc.  She’s held high-level event, social media, brand management and project oversight roles with a proven record of success.

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COO and Technology Expert

Mr. Yackley has over 30 years of entrepreneurial, technical and business management experience, mostly focused on leading edge technologies and high tech companies.  His career began with 6 years in the United States Air Force working on telephone and data networking equipment and another 2 years working with a large Government Contractor on the early Internet.

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Creative Director

Lar began his creative trek at a very young age. By the time he was 10, his drawings, paintings, sculptures and inventions were winning awards at local creative shows. Lar enhanced his talents while attending college at the California Institute for the Arts, Yale University and Bridgeport University.

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